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                                                    Hi, I'm Stuart Lloyd.
                        Welcome to my world of storytelling.

I bought this Underwood typewriter in Seattle in 1993. My colleague and I spotted it at the exact same time at the back of a dusty antique store. It was in perfect working order. We were both writers. We both wanted it. Badly. So it was decided with the toss of a coin ... and the nickel rolled and rolled and rolled before coming up heads in my favour. For $65 it was mine. This clunky workhorse defines the history and romance of storytelling through the ages. And although a shiny new MacBook Pro and a Shure 7B microphone are my work tools these days, the Underwood sits in my study serving as an inspirational reminder of all the great stories told and not yet told.

Then I get down to work and take people on emotional journeys.

I write books 
I write songs and music

I keynote speak
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