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Music has been in my veins since the earliest days of my African childhood, and I was brought up with tribal rhythms as an everyday soundtrack to my life. My father's love of jazz, brass and big band music also soaked in, as did my co-conspirator Cameron's love of the Beatles and British pop craft. And my travels to 75 countries have served to further infuse me with a gumbo soup of world music.Sounds and ideas without borders.

I've played in a bunch of bands you never heard of, including The Eggbeats, Sunday Drivers, and The Steaming Latrines.(The background pic here is playing with guitarist Joe Cummins and the Heart band at CheckInn 99, Bangkok.) 


I've written somewhere around 200 songs (many more if you count the box of songs and snippets I lost in a car fire). I was lucky to be signed by Warner Publishing in 1997 but it's fair to say I have commercially underachieved to date. But the next song is always going to be the best one, the big breakthrough! Right?

You can read about my relationship with music in my book, Carnival of Confusion.

Below is a small selection of song demos which I'm happy for artists to consider using. I'm also very happy to talk about collaborating with musicians, locally or internationally, because I have a bunch of lyric and melody ideas I'd love to explore further to bring them to life.

Stu Lloyd - Songwriter - ONCE OPEN SKY

Stu Lloyd - Songwriter - ONCE OPEN SKY

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