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The Business Storytelling Gap Trap

Now you've got all these new apps and tools for your people to tell stories with.

They go onto LinkedIn and Twitter and Facebook and tell their carefully crafted stories about eco-sustainability, about diversity, about brilliant service, about all those wonderful things on your canteen poster.


But here's the trap:

Are the actions of your team, the reality of the language they're using in their emails to customers, the body language in-store, the way the delivery truck with your logo on is driven down the highway, the quality of paper your business cards are printed on, the way your receptionist answers the phone ...

Are all those important things being DONE in a way that's totally consistent and congruent with what you're SAYING?

If not, your story falls flat. Backfires even.

Because what you say must equal what you do.

Otherwise, you just fell in the Storytelling Gap Trap.

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