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This offer expires soon (or does it?)

This money changer knows a thing or two about good communication:

"TODAY, No Fees and Commissions," his sign reads.

Because every successful proposal needs to contain 3 elements.

What I call UPS (not USP, and not related to the courier company either).

The U stands for Urgency.

And this message creates an urgent reason to Act Now, to take advantage of this good thing.

Better dive in, it's my lucky day.

Of course, that same message will be there tomorrow and the day after, but I believe sub-consciously it's doing its job to satisfy the role of the U in USP (unless you're as cynical as me!)

I'd like to see the sales figures since they made that tiny addition to their message.

How can you build in greater urgency building into your presentations and marketing communications to give people a reason to act within this week, or within this quarter, or within this financial year?

Grab a tea/coffee/water and think about that now, because you could be leaving a lot of value on the table otherwise, and that value-wastage is something I'm really passionate about because it's wholly avoidable.

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