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You know emotions are part of good business storytelling. But do you know which hot buttons to push?

As marketers we spend an inordinate amount of time on fine-tuning our 'target audience.'

Who we're going to speak with.

But what if we spent equal time and effort considering 'target emotions'?

What we want them to feel. And when. To suit our communication and persuasion purposes.

The CatMatDog Neuroscience Lab -- which looks a lot like me sitting at a computer -- has codified what that emotional journey looks like in the best case for persuasion to occur after years of crunching data, neurobiology, with our own experience mashed up with other leading practictioners.

So, here's a sneak preview.

Ideally, we kick off by understanding our audience's inner thoughts, fear, foibles, pain points. We get intimate with them. We understand the kind of problems they have, aspirations they have, and -- importantly -- the exact kind of language they use to express it.

Our first point of engagement then speaks to that pain point. Frustration. Sometimes it might be anger (ie, me and passwords, me and our corporate bank headquarters). We hold a mirror up to that emotional intensity in the headline or opening act of our content.

Relevant = Resonant.

Great, we got some traction there, and they feel that we are truly going to offer a solution for their particular pain. A Panadol for their headache. So we now want to wallow in that feeling of frustration further, draw them further down our rabbithole. Vent a bit. Aah, feels good to talk about our problems.

And even better to find someone who's got -- or had -- the same problem.

So we segue now to developing empathy. We feel your pain, because we've been there, we've done that, just like you. In fact, that same thing annoyed us so much we decided to build a business around it. And we're going to tell you a purposeful story about that, so we bond in that common experience and feeling. That's why we're here for you.

And, guess what? We've developed a solution for your problem. I know, it's like magic! We cracked it! Here it is ... tadddaaaahhh!!! We're happy we got closure on the answer, and you're ecstatic that we know you, understand you, and have a magic pill for you. Woohoo, feels good, right?

But ...

We know you want and need our solution badly now. You're almost salivating and desperate for it. But, gee, we can't possibly make enough or deliver enough to satisfy everyone because this is red, red hot, of course you understand? Or we can offer it to you but not at this price forever. And if you don't take our solution now, well, your problem's just going to continue and you'll be left behind, struggle, be less productive, or be spending more money than you need to be.

So you'd better sign here, or click here, now. Or miss out.

Great, you want in? Perfect, I'll just let you in through the special Velvet Rope section here.

Welcome to our Club. Great to have you as a member.

That, in a reductionist nutshell, is the CATMATDOG 4-Part Persuasive Communication System.

Built around triggering the appropriate neurotransmitters to facilitate the desired level of attention, engagement, and ability to absorb and act on our message at the right time, in the right amount, at the right stage.

Cool, huh?

We've got lots more exciting stuff baking in our kitchen here, which we'll share when the time is right.

Meantime, we have built these fundamentals into our Killer Content for Outrageous Email Open Rates, and Psycho Copy: Copywriting that Pops and Persuades programs if you and your team need to upskill and kick those big persuasive communication content goals.

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